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Real Nursing Skills 2.0: Skills for Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (March 6th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

2nd edition

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Real Nursing Skills 2.0: Skills for Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health

ISBN-13: 9780132459419

Includes: DVD
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  • DVD

    Videos that bring concepts to life.


This extensively updated and enhanced volume in the Real Nursing Skills series offers a complete foundation for competency in maternal-newborn and women’s health nursing. KEY FEATURES: Its interactive DVD-ROM contains 30+ comprehensive procedures and rationales demonstrated through realistic video clips, animations, illustrations, and photographs. Students review each skill’s purpose, delegation, preparation, procedure, post-procedure, expected and unexpected outcomes, documentation, and variation (if applicable). Areas of coverage include: women’s health care, maternity nursing, prenatal care, intrapartum and postpartum care, and newborn care. Many skills in this edition are updated, and several are added, including: stress and non-stress testing; insertion of epidural catheter; positioning for labor and birth; performing postpartum assessment; several aspects of feeding; obtaining newborn vital signs; and diapering, swaddling, and positioning.

Table of contents

1. Women’s Health Care

    a. Assisting with a Pelvic Exam

    b. Teaching About Breast Awareness

    c. Teaching About Contraception


2. Maternity Nursing

    a. Prenatal Care

        i. Evaluating Deep Tendon Reflexes

        ii. Performing Perineal Prep for the OB Patient

        iii. Assisting with Amniocentesis

    b. Intrapartum

        i. Monitoring a Fetal Heart Rate

            1. Variation: Electronic Fetal Monitoring

        ii. Stress Testing and Non-Stress Testing

        iii. Preparing the Room for Vaginal Delivery

        iv. Performing Leopold’s Maneuvers

        v. Assisting with Insertion of Epidural Catheter

        vi. Positioning for Labor and Birth 

    c. Postpartum

        i. Assisting with Sitz Bath

        ii. Massaging the Uterine Fundus

        iii. Performing Postpartum Assessment: BUBBLE-HER Exam


3. Newborn Nursing

    a. Caring for Umbilical Cord Stump

        i. Cord Clamp Application at Birth

        ii. Routine Cord Care

            1. Variation: Cord Clamp Removal

b. Monitoring Thermoregulation

c. Performing Newborn APGAR

d. Caring for the Infant Receiving Phototherapy

e. Infant Feeding

        i. Breastfeeding

        ii. Formula feeding

        iii. Gavage Feeding (Intermittent)

f. Applying an Umbilical Cord Alarm System

g. Assisting with Circumcision

        i. Variation: Performing Post-Circumcision Care

h. Assessing Newborn Reflexes

i. Obtaining Newborn Vital Signs

j. Diapering, Swaddling, and Positioning


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