Reek: Pointers On C, 1st edition

  • Kenneth Reek

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Pointers On C brings the power of pointers to your C programs.

Designed for professionals and advanced students, Pointers on C provides a comprehensive resource for those needing in-depth coverage of the C programming language. An extensive explanation of pointer basics and a thorough exploration of their advanced features allows programmers to incorporate the power of pointers into their C programs. Complete coverage, detailed explanations of C programming idioms, and thorough discussion of advanced topics makes Pointers on C a valuable tutorial and reference for students and professionals alike.

  • Provides complete background information needed for a thorough understanding of C.
  • Covers pointers thoroughly, including syntax, techniques for their effective use and common programming idioms in which they appear.
  • Compares different methods for implementing common abstract data structures.
  • Offers an easy, conversant writing style to clearly explain difficult topics, and contains numerous illustrations and diagrams to help visualize complex concepts.
  • Includes Programming Tips, discussing efficiency, portability, and software engineering issues, and warns of common pitfalls using Caution! Sections.
  • Describes every function on the standard C library.


Table of contents

A Quick Start.

Basic Concepts.



Operators and Expressions.




Strings, Characters, and Bytes.

Structures and Unions.

Dynamic Memory Allocation.

Using Structures and Pointers.

Advanced Pointer Topics.

The Preprocessor.

Input/Output Functions.

Standard Library.

Classic Abstract Data Types.

Runtime Environment. 0673999866T04062001

Published by Pearson (July 25th 1997) - Copyright © 1998