Regents/Pearson Textbook of Cosmetology, 3rd edition

  • Mary Healy

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Every fundamental skill needed to prepare for the state licensing exam is included in this 3/E of our leading cosmetology text. Presented with an emphasis on competency- based instructin, the text covers all basic services in cosmetology and stresses the effect of cosmetic processes on hair and skin. Practical procedures are illustrated in step- by-step detail: theory chapters give the "why" students need to know. Colorful design and glamorous "after shots" excite student interest.

Table of contents

 1. The Look You Like.

 2. Skin, Hair, and Nails.

 3. Anatomy and Physiology.

 4. Bacteriology and Infection Control.

 5. Shampoos and Rinses.

 6. Hair Damage and Treatments.

 7. Elements and Principles of Design.

 8. Hair Shaping.

 9. Precision Haircutting.

10. Wet Hairstyling.

11. Thermal Hairstyling.

12. Wigs and Hairpieces.

13. Chemistry for Cosmetologists.

14. Hair Coloring.

15. Hair Lightening.

16. Chemical Waving.

17. Chemical Relaxing.

18. Skin Care.

19. Makeup.

20. Removing Unwanted Hair.

21. Nail and Hand Care.

22. Electricity.

23. Heat and Light.

24. Building Your Salon Success.

Appendix A.

Appendix B.



Published by Pearson (February 23rd 1993) - Copyright © 1993