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Religion Before Dogma: Groundwork in Practical Theology, 1st edition

  • Douglas R McGaughey
Religion Before Dogma: Groundwork in Practical Theology

ISBN-13:  9780567025234


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McGaughey's project rejects the "pragmatic" solution to the skeptical dilemma created by deconstuction and postmodernism. It is not enough to say that the absence of absolute knowledge permits our embracing traditional theological claims bcause they have worked. McGaughey argues that once we recognize the conditions that make any and all experience possible are as certain as the immediacy of self-consciousness , the "how" of our knowing instructs us that we can and do "know" even when we do not have access to the "things" we know. In other words, Practical Theology shifts the focus away from what merely "pragmatically" works to to the "practical" conditions that enable any and all knowledge¿ and understanding.

Table of contents

Chapter 1¿¿ The Problem with Experience
Chapter 2¿¿ The Problem of Materialism: Necessity and the Non-Spatial
Chapter 3¿¿ Spirit, Truth, and Power
Chapter 4¿¿ Symbol and Method
Chapter 5¿¿ On the "Must" Beliefs of Practical Theology
Chapter 6¿¿ After Critique: The Human Vocation

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