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  5. Reputable Conduct: Ethical Issues in Policing and Corrections

Reputable Conduct: Ethical Issues in Policing and Corrections, 3rd edition

  • John R. Jones

Published by Pearson Canada (June 11th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

3rd edition

Reputable Conduct: Ethical Issues in Policing and Corrections

ISBN-13: 9780131234819

Includes: Paperback
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Reputable Conduct, Third Edition, takes a real-world approach to the study of the ethical dilemmas faced by police officers and correctional workers. Using case studies and real-life examples, the author probes the key ethical issues facing those working in the justice system, as well as providing a set of tools for moral decision-making.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Ideas

Chapter 3: The Ethics of Teaching Ethics in Justice Programs

Chapter 4: The Role of the Ethics Educator: The Lurking Dangers of Indoctrination

Chapter 5: Subculture and the Individual Officer

Chapter 6: Subculture: What the Practitioners Think

Chapter 7: Tough Decisions

Chapter 8: Tools for Moral Decision-Making

Chapter 9: Where Do You Stand?

Chapter 10: Reputable Officers

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