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This substantially revised text provides a comprehensive, highly accessible, and student friendly introduction to the principles, concepts, and methods currently used in educational research. This text provides a balanced combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and enables students to master skills in reading, understanding, critiquing, and conducting research. The treatment of qualitative research is parallel to that of quantitative research to enable students to better understand all approaches to research. This text uses extensive examples from different journals, thoughtful pedagogy that includes instructional aids, instructional tests, key terms, application problems, concept maps, and criteria for evaluating studies. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Evidence-Based Inquiry

Chapter 2: Research Designs and Reading Research Reports

Chapter 3: Research Problems, Questions and Hypotheses

Chapter 4: Review of Literature

Chapter 5: Designing Quantitative Research: Purpose, Validity, and Ethical Considerations

Chapter 6: Participants, Subjects and Sampling for Quantitative Designs

Chapter 7: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 8: Quantitative Data Collection: Technical Adequacy

Chapter 9: Collecting Quantitative Data

Chapter 10: Nonexperimental Research Designs, Surveys, and Secondary Data Analysis

Chapter 11: Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Single-Subject Designs

Chapter 12: Understanding and Reporting Inferential Data Analyses

Chapter 13: Designing Qualitative Research

Chapter 14: Collecting Qualitative Data

Chapter 15: Qualitative Data Analysis

Chapter 16: Mixed-Methods Designs

Chapter 17: Concept Analysis and Historical Research

Chapter 18: Evaluation Research and Policy Analysis

Chapter 19: Action Research


Appendix A: Answers to Application Problems

Appendix B: Guidelines for Writing Research Proposals

Appendix C: Guidelines for Writing Research Reports

Appendix D: Glossary

Appendix E: Calculations for Selected Descriptive and Inferential Statistics  

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