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Resource Guide for Teaching K-12, A, 6th edition

  • Richard D. Kellough

Published by Pearson (August 5th 2020) - Copyright © 2011

6th edition

Resource Guide for Teaching K-12, A

ISBN-13: 9780137050178

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Practical and thorough, this engaging resource guide truly practices what it preaches: hands-on, activities-rich, research-based, performance-driven teaching. 


With its hallmark practicality,A Resource Guide for Teaching K-12 uses case studies, sample units with lessons, opportunities for practice and feedback, and activities to equip future teachers with numerous examples of best practices, current research findings, and proven teaching strategies.  This is truly one of the most comprehensive texts on the market today, made even better with its organization designed around the decision-making phases of instruction.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: Today’s Schools: Recognizing and Understanding the Challenge

CHAPTER 2: Teacher Professional Responsibilities

CHAPTER 3: The Classroom Learning Environment

CHAPTER 4: The Curriculum: Selecting and Setting Learning Expectations

CHAPTER 5: Planning the Instruction

CHAPTER 6: The Use of Questioning

CHAPTER 7: The Thinking Curriculum: Using Teacher Talk, Demonstrations, Inquiry, and Games

CHAPTER 8: Mastery Learning and Differentiated Instruction

CHAPTER 9: Organizing and Guiding Student Learning in Groups

CHAPTER 10: Assessing and Reporting Student Achievement

CHAPTER 11: Professional Development: A Continuing Process




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