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  5. Created Equal: A History of the United States, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

Revel for Created Equal: A History of the United States, Volume 2 -- Access Card, 5th edition

  • Jacqueline Jones
  • Peter Wood
  • Tim Borstelmann
  • Elaine Tyler May
  • Vicki L. Ruiz

Published by Pearson (May 4th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

5th edition

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Created Equal: A History of the United States, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780134355443

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Table of contents

15. Consolidating a Triumphant Union, 1865–1877
16. Standardizing the Nation: Innovations in Technology, Business, and Culture, 1877–1890
17. Challenges to Government and Corporate Power, 1877–1890
18. Political and Cultural Conflict in a Decade of Depression and War: The 1890s
19. Visions of the Modern Nation: The Progressive Era, 1900–1912
20. War and Revolution, 1912–1920
21. All That Jazz: The 1920s
22. Hardship and Hope: The Great Depression of the 1930s
23. Global Conflict: World War II, 1937–1945
24. Cold War and Hot War, 1945–1953
25. Domestic Dreams and Atomic Nightmares, 1953–1963
26. The Nation Divides: The Vietnam War and Social Conflict, 1964–1971
27. Reconsidering National Priorities, 1972–1979
28. The Cold War Returns—and Ends, 1979–1991
29. Post–Cold War America, 1991–2000
30. A Global Nation in the New Millennium

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