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Revel for Diversity in Families, Updated Edition -- Access Card, 10th edition

  • Maxine Baca Zinn
  • D Stanley Eitzen
  • Barbara Wells

Published by Pearson (June 12th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

10th edition


REVEL™ for Diversity in Families is organized around a structural-diversity framework that treats family diversity as the norm, and highlights how all families are shaped through their interaction with social structures. Throughout the text, families are viewed not as the “building blocks of societies,” but rather as products of social forces within society. Authors Maxine Baca Zinn, D. Stanley Eitzen, and Barbara Wells demystify and demythologize the family by exposing myths, stereotypes, and dogmas—allowing students to emerge with an understanding of why families are diverse.

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Table of contents

1. Images, Ideals, and Myths
2. Preindustrial Families and the Emergence of a Modern Family Form
3. The Historical Making of Family Diversity
4. Families and the New Economic Realities
5. Families and Demographic Trends: The New Immigration and the Aging of Society
6. Class, Race, and Gender
7. Meshing the Worlds of Work and Family
8. The Social Construction of Intimacy
9. Contemporary Marriages
10. Parents and Children
11. Violence in Families
12. Divorce and Remarriage
13. Emergent Families in the Global Era
14. Family Policy for the Twenty-First Century

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