Revel for Exploring Sociology: A Canadian Perspective -- Access Card, 4th edition

  • Bruce Ravelli
  • Michelle Webber

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Exploring Sociology is a "students first" resource written with millennial students in mind, and with their help.


Bruce Ravelli and Michelle Webber, the authors of Exploring Sociology, believe that theory provides the foundation for sociology and that students need to explore both classical and modern theory to grasp the sociological endeavour fully. Accordingly, this text provides the most comprehensive overview of classical and modern social theories of any textbook. This is the first mainstream introductory sociology text to devote an entire chapter to contemporary theory, and the first to integrate postmodern and post-structural theoretical insights meaningfully throughout the book. 

Through its distinctive approach to the field, its readability, and its relevance to students’ lives, Exploring Sociology: A Canadian Perspective, Fourth Edition, helps professors develop the sociological imagination in their students by encouraging them to see sociology through multiple lenses. Topics are presented in ways that allow students to engage with the material and to exercise their sociological imaginations.

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Table of contents

1 Understanding the Sociological Imagination

2 Classical Social Theories

3 Contemporary Social Theories

4 Research, Methodology, and Ethics

5 Culture

6 Socialization and Social Interaction

7 Social Inequality

8 Gender

9 Sexualities

10 Race and Racialization

11 Families

12 Education

13 Religion

14 Crime, Law, and Regulation

15 Health, Aging, and Disabilities

16 Work and the Political Economy

17 Mass Media

18 Social Change, Collective Behaviour, and Social Movements

19 Globalization

20 Challenges to the Global Environment

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