REVEL for International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues -- Access Code, 13th edition

  • Robert J. Art
  • Robert Jervis

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Understanding International Politics with Scholarly Articles
REVEL™ for International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues has been helping students effectively understand politics under governments and beyond for over 40 years. Scholarly articles on essential topics illustrate fundamental debates and differing points of view for a comprehensive and engaging overview of the discipline, while introducing students to the major forces shaping the world today. REVEL for the Thirteenth Edition still employs the authors' cornerstone approach of teaching international politics through relevant scholarship that illustrates its theoretical concepts. REVEL for this edition contains 27% new material spread across each of the text’s four parts. Organizational changes and new information have been added throughout to expand the reader’s introduction to this broad and ever changing field.

REVEL is Pearson’s newest way of delivering our respected content. Fully digital and highly engaging, REVEL replaces the textbook and gives students everything they need for the course. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, REVEL is an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — for less than the cost of a traditional textbook.

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Table of contents

Part I: Anarchy and Its Consequences 

1. Power, Principle, and Legitimacy in Statecraft

2. The Meaning of Anarchy 

3. Strategic Interaction in Anarchy

4. The Mitigation of Anarchy 


Part II: The Uses of Force 

5. The Political Uses of Force

6. The Utility of Force Today 

7. The Nuclear Future 


Part III: International Political Economy and Globalization 

8. Perspectives on Political Economy 

9. Globalization Today

10. Fixing the World Political Economy 


Part IV: Contemporary Issues in World Politics 

11. Interstate War and Terrorism

12. Civil Wars, Human Rights, Regime Change, and Humanitarian Intervention 

13. Transnational Actors and New Forces 

14. The Global Commons and Global Governance 

15. The Shape of the Future

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