Revel for Sociology, Tenth Canadian Edition -- Access Card, 10th edition

  • John J. Macionis
  • Linda M. Gerber
  • Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology, 10th Canadian Edition (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780135461518


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Sociology provides students with the opportunity to connect their own lived experiences to a broader societal context. One of the hopes of the authors is that students will find that the topics addressed in this book relate to their own lives. The textbook addresses many of the pressing concerns facing Canadians and global citizens in the twenty-first century. For more than 150 years, sociologists have been working to better understand how society operates. Sociologists may not have all the answers, but we have learned quite a lot. A beginning course in sociology is your introduction to the fascinating and very useful study of the world around you. After all, we all have a stake in understanding our world and, as best we can, improving it.

Sociology, Tenth Canadian Edition, provides a comprehensive view of our social world. There has been rapid social change in so many areas of life, such as how social media is transforming our world. Sociological theories provide us with unique ways of understanding the world around us and our place in it. While the text has a Canadian focus, the chapters also speak to broader global trends and social problems. We encourage our readers to develop a sense of curiosity about the world, to ask questions about the world, and to go beyond this text to learn more about the issues that you care about.

Table of contents

1 The Sociological Perspective
2 Sociological Investigation
3 Culture
4 Society
5 Socialization
6 Social Interaction in Everyday Life
7 Mass Media and Social Media
8 Groups and Organizations
9 Sexuality and Society
10 Deviance
11 Social Stratification
12 Social Class in Canada
13 Global Stratification
14 Gender Stratification
15 Race and Ethnicity
16 Aging and the Elderly
17 The Economy and Work
18 Politics and Government
19 Families
20 Religion
21 Education
22 Health and Medicine
23 Population, Urbanization, and Environment
24 Collective Behaviour and Social Movements
25 Social Change: Traditional, Modern, andPostmodern Societies

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