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  5. West, The: Encounters and Transformations, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

Revel for The West: Encounters and Transformations, Volume 2 -- Access Card, 5th edition

  • Brian Levack
  • Edward Muir
  • Meredith Veldman

Published by Pearson (May 4th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

5th edition

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West, The: Encounters and Transformations, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780134232355

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Table of contents

15. The Age of Confessional Division
16. Absolutism and State Building, 1618–1715
17. The Scientific Revolution
18. The West and the World: Empire, Trade, and War, 1650–1815
19. Eighteenth-Century Society and Culture
20. The Age of the French Revolution, 1789–1815
21. The Industrial Revolution
22. Ideological Conflict and National Unification, 1815–1871
23. The Coming of Mass Politics, 1870–1914
24. The West and the World: Cultural Crisis and the New Imperialism, 1870–1914
25. The First World War
26. Reconstruction, Reaction, and Continuing Revolution: The 1920s and 1930s
27. World War II
28. Redefining the West After World War II
29. The West in the Contemporary Era: New Encounters and Transformations

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