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  5. The Western Heritage, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

Revel for The Western Heritage, Volume 2 -- Access Card, 12th edition

  • Donald M. Kagan
  • Steven Ozment
  • Frank M. Turner
  • Alison Frank

Published by Pearson (February 8th 2019) - Copyright © 2020

12th edition

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The Western Heritage, Volume 2 (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780134387918

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For courses in history of Western civilization
An authoritative account of Western civilizations
Revel™ The Western Heritage
 weaves social, cultural, and political history into a strong, clear, narrative account of the central developments in Western history. Authors Donald Kagan, Steven Ozment, and Frank Turner define how the West has interacted with other cultures, and show how the history of Western civilization can shed light into global challenges today. In order to help students achieve a thorough understanding of Western civilization, the 12th Edition has been updated to reflect recent developments — in the West and beyond.

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