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Revel for Understanding Research -- Access Card, 2nd edition

  • W Lawrence Neuman

Published by Pearson (August 3rd 2016) - Copyright © 2017

2nd edition

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Understanding Research -- Books a la Carte

ISBN-13: 9780205910380

Includes: Loose-Leaf
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  • Loose-Leaf

    You'll get loose-leaf, three-hole-punched pages ready to be placed in a binder.


KEY BENEFIT: Understanding Research is a practical and visually appealing introduction to research. Whether readers become producers or consumers of research, W. Lawrence Neuman shows them that the subject is both interesting and highly relevant to their lives and professional work. The Second Edition makes the essentials of doing high-quality research accessible, in ways that create excitement about the research process. Core principles, processes, and procedures of research are distilled – and presented with salient real-world examples and the latest academic studies – in a manner that readers will want to learn them.


KEY TOPICS:  Why Do Research?; Planning a Study; Becoming an Ethical Researcher; Sampling; Measuring Social Life; The Survey: Asking Questions; The Experiment; Research with Nonreactive Measures; Making Sense of the Numbers; Observing People in Natural Settings; Looking at the Past and Across Cultures; Writing a Research Report


MARKET: For anyone interested in Experimental Methods and in Research Methods for Political Science and Sociology

Table of contents

1. Why Do Research?

2. Planning a Study

3. Becoming an Ethical Researcher

4. Sampling

5. Measuring Social Life

6. The Survey: Asking Questions

7. The Experiment

8. Research with Nonreactive Measures

9. Making Sense of the Numbers

10. Observing People in Natural Settings

11. Looking at the Past and Across Cultures

12. Writing a Research Report

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