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  4. Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots

Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots, 1st edition

  • Cameron Hughes
  • Tracey Hughes

Published by Que Publishing (May 12th 2016) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots

ISBN-13: 9780789755001

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


  • Teaches students to program robot sensors and motors, and discover the latest robot automation techniques
  • Covers both ARM9 and ARM7 micro-controllers, including the newest LEGO Mindstorms and Wowee RS Media Robots
  • Unleashes the power of Java for LEGO and the Linux-based OS for LEGO Mindstorms EV3
  • Teaches practical skills

Table of contents

Introduction 1

    Robot Programming Boot Camp 2

    Ready, Set, Go! No Wires or Strings Attached 2

    Boot Camp Fundamentals 3

    Core Robot Programming Skills Introduced in This Book 4

        BURT–Basic Universal Robot Translator 4

        BRON–Bluetooth Robot Oriented Network 6

    Assumptions About the Reader’s Robot(s) 6

    How Midamba Learned to Program a Robot 7

1    What Is a Robot Anyway? 9

    The Seven Criteria of Defining a Robot 10

        Criterion #1: Sensing the Environment 11

        Criterion #2: Programmable Actions and Behavior 11

        Criterion #3: Change, Interact with, or Operate on Environment 11

        Criterion #4: Power Source Required 11

        Criterion #5: A Language Suitable for Representing Instructions and Data 12

        Criterion #6: Autonomy Without External Intervention 12

        Criterion #7: A Nonliving Machine 13

        Robot Categories 13

        What Is a Sensor? 16

        What Is an Actuator? 17

        What Is an End-Effector? 18

        What Is a Controller? 19

        What Scenario Is the Robot In? 23

    Giving the Robot Instructions 25

        Every Robot Has a Language 25

        Meeting the Robot’s Language Halfway 27

        How Is the Robot Scenario Represented in Visual Programming Environments? 30

        Midamba’s Predicament 30

        What’s Ahead? 32

2    Robot Vocabularies 33

    Why the Additional Effort? 34

    Identify the Actions 38

    The Autonomous Robot’s ROLL Model 39

        Robot Capabilities 41

        Robot Roles in Scenarios and Situations 42

        What’s Ahead? 44

3    RSVP: Robot Scenario Visual Planning 47

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