Roy Adaptation Model, The, 3rd edition

  • Sister Callista Roy
  • Heather A. Andrews

Roy Adaptation Model, The

ISBN-13:  9780130384973

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This  long-awaited new edition presents the latest advances in the Roy Adaptation Model, one of the most widely accepted nursing theories, in the words of the theorist herself, Sister Callista Roy.


  • Maintains the essential concepts of the model while explaining new developments;
  • Places new developments in the context of contemporary issues of health care delivery
  • Expands and clarifies the theoretical basis of each adaptive model
  • Provides separate chapters for each adaptive mode at the group level
  • Expands applications to practice, using case studies,  for each step of the nursing process 


New to this Edition

This edition incorporates significant changes in both content and organization.

  • Adaptive mode chapters are reorganized.
  • Compensatory process and compromised process chapters include new content.
  • Material on adaptive processes of groups is presented in a separate section.
  • The nursing process within each chapter is based on the theoretical content of each adaptive mode.
  • Further explanation of Roy’s philosophical and scientific assumptions for the 21st century and the addition of cultural assumptions are new to this edition.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Copyright, iv

Preface, v

Acknowledgments, viii

Contributors, ix

Reviewers, xii


Part One. Introduction to the Roy Adaptation Model, 1

Chapter 1. Nursing as a Knowledge-Based Profession, 2

Chapter 2. Elements of the Roy Adaptation Model, 25

Chapter 3. The Nursing Process According to the Roy Adaptation Model, 55

Chapter 4. Overview of Adaptive Modes, 87


Part Two. The Adaptive Modes for the Individual, 109

Chapter 5. Oxygenation, 110

Chapter 6. Nutrition, 128

Chapter 7. Elimination, 146

Chapter 8. Activity and Rest, 165

Chapter 9. Protection, 198

Chapter 10. Senses, 222

Chapter 11. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid—Base Balance, 254

Chapter 12. Neurologic Function, 269

Chapter 13. Endocrine Function, 302

Chapter 14. Self-Concept Mode of the Person, 321

Chapter 15. Role Function Mode of the Person, 358

Chapter 16. Interdependence Mode of the Person, 384


Part Three. Adaptive Modes of Relating Persons, 409

Chapter 17. Physical Mode of Relating People, 411

Chapter 18. Group Identity Mode of Relating Persons, 432

Chapter 19. Role Function Mode of Relating Persons, 457

Chapter 20. Interdependence Mode of Relating Persons, 484


Part Four. Applications of the Roy Adaptation Model, 505

Chapter 21. Applications of the Roy Adaptation Model, 507


Index, 535


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