Safe and Healthy Children's Environments, 2nd edition

  • Ingrid Crowther

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Designed for Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood Education courses offered in colleges and universities across the country. Safe and Healthy Children’s Environments is distinctive in three ways:


Safe and Healthy Children's Environments, Second Edition, aims to provide a valuable resource to caregivers of children to easily understand, access, and use information in meaningful ways to support the healthy development of all children. The second edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect current research and methods in caring for children to ensure health and well-being in modern learning environments. 


This text presents issues in health, safety, and nutrition in a way that keeps the child at the heart of each chapter. Working as both a learning and reference tool, this text is written to facilitate research while using clear and concise language.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Promoting Children’s Well-being

Chapter 2 Creating Safe Environments

Chapter 3 The Learning Environment

Chapter 4 Illness and the Child

Chapter 5 Managing Children’s Health (NEW!)

Chapter 6 Nutrition Guidelines

Chapter 7 Health and Wellness of Caregivers

Chapter 8 Health and Safety Issues

Chapter 9 Physical Fitness

Chapter 10 Physical Activity Programs for Various Age Groups

Chapter 11 Effective Networking                        

Published by Pearson Canada (March 30th 2018) - Copyright © 2019