Safety, Health, and Environment, 2nd edition

  • Nebjosa Jovanov


For safety, health, and environment courses within a process technology program.

The NAPTA Series for Process Technology can be used independently and does not require NAPTA participation.

The national standard for the safety, health, and environmental issues of process technology
Safety, Health, and Environment is part of the NAPTA Series for Process Technology. Developed in partnership with Industry and Education, this unprecedented collection supports a consistent curriculum and exit competencies for process technology graduates. Safety, Health, and Environment provides a common national standard for the safety, health, and environment course of a process technology degree program, while serving as a valuable reference guide. The 2nd edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to align with the new NAPTA curriculum.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Safety, Health, and Environment
2. Types of Hazards and Their Effects
3. Recognizing Chemical Hazards
4. Recognizing Biological Hazards
5. Equipment and Energy Hazards
6. Fire and Explosion Hazards
7. Pressure, Temperature, and Radiation Hazards
8. Hazardous Atmospheres and Respiration Hazards
9. Working Area and Height Hazards
10. Hearing and Noise Hazards
11. Construction, Maintenance, and Tool Hazards
12. Vehicle and Transportation Hazards
13. Natural Disasters and Inclement Weather
14. Physical Security and Cybersecurity
15. Recognizing Ergonomic Hazards
16. Recognizing Environmental Hazards
17. Introduction to Hazard Controls
18. Engineering Controls: Alarms and Indicator Systems
19. Engineering Controls: Process Containment and Process Upset Controls
20. Administrative Controls: Programs and Practices
21. Permitting Systems
22. Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid
23. Monitoring Equipment
24. Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Response Equipment

Appendix: Government/Regulatory and Industry Resources

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