Same Words, Different Language: A Proven Guide for Creating Gender Intelligence at Work, 3rd edition

  • Barbara Annis

Same Words, Different Language: A Proven Guide for Creating Gender Intelligence at Work

ISBN-13:  9780134513270

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Barbara Annis, the world's leading corporate gender specialist, believes that men and women don't understand each other because they don't appreciate the different ways men and women relate, communicate, problem-solve, and make decisions. In this original, solutions-based book, Annis explains exactly where we differ and how to improve the way we communicate with one another. Learn of cutting-edge, scientific research into the different neurological frameworks and functions of the male and female brains and how these innate biological differences determine how we: View the world; Solve problems; Make decisions; Prioritize; Manage emotions; Deal with stress; Work in teams; and Lead.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 — It’s Time to Change the Water We Swim In

Chapter 2 — How Gender Intelligent Are You?

Chapter 3 — The Science of Gender Difference

Chapter 4 — Attention Women: How Men See You–and How They Feel About It

Chapter 5 — The Word to Men: “Attention Must Be Paid” to Your Women Colleauges

Chapter 6 — Same Words, Different Language

Chapter 7 — Perception as Filter: Why Men and Women Live in Different Realities

Chapter 8 — Assumptions and Blind Spots

Chapter 9 — Understanding Out Strengths

Chapter 10 — Resolving Gender Conflicts


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