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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Acrobat 5 in 24 Hours, 1st edition

  • Christopher Smith
  • Sally Cox

Published by Sams Publishing (December 6th 2001) - Copyright © 2002

1st edition

Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Acrobat 5 in 24 Hours

ISBN-13: 9780672323140

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Acrobat 5 in 24 Hours shows students how to effectively create, manage, and use PDF files to improve productivity. Going beyond the "how-to" involved with making and distributing PDF files, this book also explores when to use PDF files for collaboration on projects. Adobe Acrobat accommodates a wide range of users' different needs, and Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Acrobat 5 in 24 Hours clearly spells out the steps and settings necessary for each type of project.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary and Workshop.)



Hour 1. What's So Great About PDF?

How Can PDF Change Your Office Environment? How Do PDF Documents Differ from Other Documents? Adobe Acrobat or Reader—What's the Difference? System Requirements. What's in the Box and What's Available. The Acrobat Interface. Navigating in Acrobat.
Hour 2. Navigating in PDF Files.

Page Modes. Page Layout. Navigation Tools and Techniques.


Hour 3. Where Do PDF Files Come From?

Not All PDF Files Are the Same Quality. PDF Files as eBooks. Tools for Creating PDF Files.
Hour 4. Creating PDF Files from Your Electronic Documents.

A Short History of WYSIWYG. The Best Choice for Making PDF Files: Acrobat Distiller. The Acrobat Distiller Main Window. Making a PDF File Using Distiller. Customizing Distiller Settings. Creating Personalized Settings for Distiller. Security. Automating Distiller: Creating Watched Folders. Creating PDF Files Without Launching Distiller.
Hour 5. Easy PDF Creation for MS Office Users with PDF Maker.

PDF Maker—Creating PDF Files Easily. Customizing Settings for PDF Maker. Using the Convert to Adobe PDF and Email Option.
Hour 6. Converting Paper Documents to PDF.

About Acrobat Capture. Scanning Documents into Acrobat. Converting Previously Scanned Files to PDF. Making Scanned Files Searchable: OCR in Acrobat. Cleaning Up OCR Mistakes. Paper Capture Online.
Hour 7. Converting HTML to PDF with Web Capture.

HTML Versus PDF—What's the Difference? Why Use Web Capture? Converting HTML to PDF: Capturing a Page or Site. Conversion Settings. Setting Web Capture Preferences. Locating Web Links Within a Document. Adding PDF Pages from Web Links.


Hour 8. Managing Pages with Thumbnails.

What Are Thumbnails? Embedding Thumbnails in a PDF File. Using Thumbnails for Navigation. Rearranging Page Sequence. Deleting Pages. Merging Pages Between Documents. Using Menu Commands and Context Menus.
Hour 9. Creating an Interactive TOC with Bookmarks.

Navigating and Using Bookmarks. Creating and Customizing Bookmarks. Modifying Bookmarks. Applying Actions to Bookmarks. Renaming Bookmarks. Arranging Bookmarks. Setting a Document to Show Bookmarks When Opened. Bookmark Properties. Deleting Bookmarks.
Hour 10. Using Links to Add Interactivity to PDF Files.

Using Links. Creating Links Within PDF Files. Link Properties and Actions. Editing an Existing Link. Automatically Creating Links to Web Sites. Setting Page Actions. Creating and Modifying Destinations. Using Articles. Changing Existing Articles.


Hour 11. Extracting Text and Graphics.

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