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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Introduction to the Trade, Trade Safety, Trade Tools and Equipment, Trade Math, Stationary Scaffolds, Mobile Scaffolds and Suspension Scaffolds.

Table of contents

Introduction to the Trade (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378895-2
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378903-4
(Module ID 31101-15) Introduces the scaffolding program, describes the duties of a scaffolder, and identifies scaffold types and scaffolding terms.

Trade Safety (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378896-9
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378904-1
(Module ID 31102-15) Provides a comprehensive overview of the safety regulations and guidelines in the scaffolding industry.

Trade Tools and Equipment (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378897-6
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378905-8
(Module ID 31103-15) Covers the safe use and applications of hand and power tools used in the trade.

Trade Math (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378898-3
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378906-5
(Module ID 31104-15) Explains and gives examples of math calculations of scaffold loads, including area loads, concentrated loads, live loads, cantilevered loads, and wind loads.

Supported Scaffolds (32.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378899-0
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378907-2
(Module ID 31105-15) Identifies the equipment used with supported scaffolds. Describes the procedures for erecting supported scaffolds.

Mobile Scaffolds (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378900-3
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378908-9
(Module ID 31106-15) Identifies the different types of powered and manually propelled mobile scaffolds and describes their erection and operation.

Suspension Scaffolds (7.5 Hours)
Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378901-0
Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-378945-4
(Module ID 31107-15) Identifies the types of equipment used with suspension scaffolds. Describes the rigging of suspension scaffolds.

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