School Law for the Teachers: Concepts and Applications, 1st edition

  • Julie K. Underwood
  • L Dean Webb

School Law for the Teachers: Concepts and Applications

ISBN-13:  9780131192423

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This book provides a broad legal background and helps teachers understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as, the rights of their students.  KEY TOPICS: School Law for Teachers covers the issues that are greatest concern to teachers today, namely employment and tenure, teachers' rights, teacher discipline, teachers' legal responsibilities, negligence and defamation, students' rights, education of students with disabilities, student discipline and due process, discrimination and harassment, and religion.  Inservice Teachers, School Administrators, and Special Educators.

Table of contents


Chapter 1  Legal Framework for the Public Schools

Chapter 2  Employment and Tenure

Chapter 3  Teachers' Rights

Chapter 4  Teacher Discipline

Chapter 5  Legal Responsibilities of Teachers

Chapter 6  Negligence and Defamation in the School Setting

Chapter 7  Students' Rights

Chapter 8  Education of Students with Disabilities

Chapter 9  Student Discipline and Due Process

Chapter 10  Discrimination and Harassment in the School Environment

Chapter 11 Religion in the Schools

Published by Pearson (September 20th 2005) - Copyright © 2006