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Schools That Work: Where All Children Read and Write, 3rd edition

  • Richard L. Allington
  • Patricia M. Cunningham

Published by Pearson (March 22nd 2006) - Copyright © 2007

3rd edition

Schools That Work: Where All Children Read and Write

ISBN-13: 9780205456352

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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At a time when so many pivotal education issues are closely tied to the performance of schools and NCLB policy, Schools That Work provides critical insight into how elementary schools must change to meet the increased demands of education for the 21st century.


Praised as the most accessible, readable and practical book on the market, Schools That Work combines renowned authors Dick Allington and Pat Cunningham’s expertise as educators with continuing commitment to foster expert teaching in the classroom. Their dynamic analysis of systematic school reform encompasses virtually all areas of elementary school organization. With the goal of turning readers into educated, informed decision-makers, Allington and Cunningham provide a clear and concise introduction to theories of school reform and include an organizational framework to accomplish this goal.


This new edition offers:


  • A view of how schools must change if they are to meet the increased demands of education for the 21st century.
  • Updated, expanded coverage of recent federal and state initiatives to help teachers address the problems of struggling readers and writers.
  • A variety of activities for taking stock of the educational effort in school.
  • New coverage of reading coaches.

Table of contents

 1.The Schools We Have – What We Must Change.

 2. The Stories of Schools Where All Children Become Readers and Writers.

 3. What Do We Now Know About Reading and Writing?

 4. The What of Reading: The Reading Curriculum.

 5. Who Does What?

 6. Time: Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Years.

 7. Tests, Assessments, and Report Cards.

 8. Professional Development: The Key to Change.

 9. Family Involvement.

10. Schools That Work for All Children.

11. A Tour Through a School: What to Look For.

12. Getting Started.

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