Schultz/Tranvouez-Réseau: Communication, Intégration, Intersections,2/e, 2nd edition

  • Jean Marie Schultz
  • MariePaule Tranvouez


Réseau: Communication, Intégration, Intersections, 2nd Edition, conceives of learning French as a holistic endeavor, not only in terms of language skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - but also of cultural knowledge in the broadest sense. Based on the belief that knowledge of a second language and culture necessarily brings about a greater understanding of not only the world in an increasingly global context but also of the individual self, the content and activities in Réseau offer you the opportunity to reflect on the differences between your own culture, French culture, and Francophone cultures and to experiment with the new identities that so many researchers suggest language learning can encourage.

Table of contents


 1.           Les relations familiales

2.            Masculin/féminin :  rôles

3.            La vie urbaine

4.            Politique, indépendance: identité française, identité acadienne et québécoise

5.            La France : un kaléidoscope social

6.            La France : icônes culturelles

7.            La France bigarrée —un pays métissé et multiculturel

8.            La Francophonie

9.            Intersections esthétiques : architecture, peinture, sculpture

10.          Regard sur la France : le septième art ou le cinéma

11.          La France vue d’ailleurs

12.          La France et l’Europe

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