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SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Nothing More, 1st edition

  • Evan Bailyn

Published by Que Publishing (December 19th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Nothing More

ISBN-13: 9780133408355

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Table of contents

Introduction     1
What’s in This Book     10
Who Can Use This Book?     11
Chapter 1  Trust: The Currency of Google     7
PageRank     8
TrustRank     11
Google’s Circus     15
   How to Mine TrustRank     16
A Final Word on TrustRank     21
Chapter 2  The Five Ingredients of Google Optimization     23
Ingredient One: Keyword Selection     24
   Take an Informal Survey     25
   Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner     25
   Capitalize on Competitors’ Work     25
   Spend a Few Bucks on a Pay-per-Click Campaign     28
Ingredient Two: The Meta Page Title     29
   Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Meta Page Titles     31
   Case Study One: The Baby Store     33
   Case Study Two: Games     33
Ingredient Three: Links     34
The Psychology of Link Building     37
Ingredient Four: URL Structure     40
Ingredient Five: Time     43
Final Thoughts     45
Chapter 3  How to Reel In Links     47
Avoiding Bad Neighborhoods     48
Link Building 101     49
The Bible of Link Acquisition     57
   Systematic Emailing     57
   Link Bait     57
Chapter 4  Using Time to Gain Trust     79
The Sandbox     80
   Prepublishing Period     80
   0–1 Months: The Period of Nothingness     81
   2–4 Months: Behold, a Brave New World     82
   4–6 Months: The Winds of Trust     82
   6–12 Months: Dropping Anchor     82
   1–2 Years: Welcome to the Land of Trust     82
   2–4 Years: A Seasoned Citizen     83
How to Estimate the Value of a Link Based on Aging Factors     83
Link Aging and Link Churning     87
Levels of Distrust     88
How to Find an Old Website Worth Buying     90
How the Buying Process Works     94
Common Pitfalls     96
   Beware When Shopping the Online Marketplace     97
   Sites That Have Nothing to Do with Your Business     97
   Avoiding Expired Domains     97
Chapter 5  The Nuclear Football     99
The Nuclear Football Defined     100
How to Execute the Nuclear Football     100
The First Pillar of the Nuclear Football: Excellent, Targeted Content     103
   Niche Subject Matter     103
   An Emotional Connection     104
   A Strong Editorial Voice     104
   Openness and Vulnerability     105
   Digestible Data     105
   Large, Clear Images (Usually Involving People)     108
The Second Pillar of the Nuclear Football: Authentic, Personalized Ou

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