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  • Ian Shepherd

Reinventing Retail

ISBN-13:  9781292270777

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The retail landscape is changing. Will your business adapt or die?


 Reinventing Retail sets out the new rules of the industry and will help you devise a strategy to survive and thrive.


All around us traditional businesses are disappearing - undone by savvy and nimble new entrants and by failing to keep up with changing consumer demands. The world has changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years and it is not enough for retailers to launch a website and a Facebook page and proclaim themselves ready for the future.


To reclaim and retain your customers, you need to reinvent yourself from the ground up. Reinventing Retail is your roadmap to understanding the new rules of the industry so you can develop your strategy to reclaim market leadership. Explore:

·    Rule 1: Someone is going to sell your product at cost or even less.

·    Rule 2: Everyone knows everything - nothing is a secret

·    Rule 3: Reputation matters and will make or break a business

·    Rule 4: Location matters, but for different reasons than it used to

·    Rule 5: Knowing your customer is key - flying blind won’t end well

·    Rule 6: If a product or process can be dis-intermediated or simplified, it will be

Reinventing Retail will help you understand the changing retail landscape and build a strategy to stay ahead.


“An essential survival guide for retailers.”

Peter Pritchard, CEO, Pets at Home


“A must-have for anyone in retail - use this and you should be able to work out how to thrive.”

Professor Christopher Bones, Dean Emeritus, Henley Business School; Professor Emeritus, Alliance Manchester Business School; Chairman, Good Growth


 “Ian has written a practical, no-nonsense and inspiring guide to the new commercial landscape which will be invaluable for retailers all around the world.” 

Justin Linger, Managing Partner, Barracuda



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