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  5. Short History of the Movies, A , Abridged Edition

Short History of the Movies, A , Abridged Edition, 11th edition

  • Gerald Mast
  • Bruce Kawin

Published by Pearson (September 23rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012

11th edition

Short History of the Movies, A , Abridged Edition

ISBN-13: 9780205210626

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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This is the essential core of Mast and Kawin’s classic in a streamlined volume: the most accurate, carefully updated account of cinema today in a clear and lively book.


Building on Mast’s astute and lively history of cinema, Kawin has refined and updated the fascinating story of cinema’s evolution from its earliest beginnings to the digital age. Probing deeper than most movie books, he takes us into the studio vaults, corrects the record, discloses what goes on inside the industry, clarifies the mysteries of movie technology, and offers a precise, thoroughly researched account. Kawin's analysis is witty and engaging, rich in instructive insights and entertaining illustrations of the art, history, technology, business, and fun of film. Now the essentials of Mast and Kawin’s classic book are available in a compact version, judiciously streamlined at an even trimmer price.

Table of contents

1. Introductory Assumptions.


2. Birth.

Frames per second.

        Pictures on Film.


        Flicker and the Continuous Signal.

Persistence of Vision and Other Phenomena.

        Seeing with the Brain.

        Visual Masking and Retinal Retention.

        Scientific Toys.

        Émile Reynaud.


        Muybridge and Marey.

Thomas Edison.

        W. K–L. Dickson and William Heise.

        Early Cameras and Films.

        The Kinetoscope.

        A Sound Film and Studio.


        The Magic Lantern.

        The Loop and Other Solutions.

        The Lumière Brothers.

        R.W. Paul.

        The Vitascope.

The First Films.


3. Film Narrative, Commercial Expansion.

Early Companies.


        George Méliès.

        Cohl and Others.

        Edwin S. Porter.

        From Brighton to Biograph.

        Complexity in Early Film

Business Wars.

The Film d’Art.


4. Griffith.


        Biograph: The One-Reelers.

        Two Reels and Up.

The Birth of a Nation.



        Broken Blossoms and Way Down East.

        The Struggle.


5. Mack Sennett and the Chaplin Shorts.

Krazy Keystones.



6. Movie Czars and Movie Stars.

Stars over Hollywood.

        The First

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