Single Case Research Designs in Educational and Community Settings, 1st edition

  • Robert E. O'Neill
  • John McDonnell
  • Felix F. Billingsley
  • William R. Jenson

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This practical nuts-and-bolts how-to guide to carrying out single case research is keenly focused on practicing this type of research in educational and community settings.Conceptualizing the background underlying this research approach, the book walks you through a step-by-step approach to the components involved in doing such research in this environment. You will learn a brief history on the development of these design approaches, with some of the basic logistical barriers to and solutions for carrying out research in applied settings. Additionally, you will become versed in the nuts-and-bolts procedures of carrying out such research with regard to designing and implementing measurements systems, choosing appropriate designs, and graphing and analyzing data. You will further learn the basics of disseminating research via various professional outlets such as conference presentations and journals for researchers and practitioners. The tables and graphics included list step-by-step procedures for carrying out various data collection and research design strategies, offering concise summaries of some key features of the main procedural elements of single case research, and a guideline to crucial features and concepts. Written for a broad range of educational and other human services professionals, including teachers in both general and special education, the book is also a suitable guide if you are a school psychologist or counselors, or even a social worker, communication disorders specialist, or recreation, occupational, or physical therapist. Unique and new to the market, this “how-to” guide fills a gap for a single case, single subject research design book focused on doing this type of research in educational and community settings, with a strong emphasis on practice versus theory.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Historical Background and Development of Single Case Research Methods

Chapter 2: Defining What to Measure and How to Measure It

Chapter 3: Internal and External Validity and Basic Principles and

                    Procedures of Single Case Research (SCR) Designs

Chapter 4: Making Sense of Your Data: Using Graphic Displays to Analyze

                    and Interpret It

Chapter 5: Common Steps and Barriers You May Have to Deal With in

                   Conducting a Research Study

Chapter 6: Withdrawal and Reversal Designs

Chapter 7: Multiple Baseline and Multiple Probe Designs

Chapter 8: Changing Criterion Designs

Chapter 9: Multiple Treatment Designs (MTD)

Chapter 10: Alternating Treatment Designs

Chapter 11: Disseminating Your Research Results

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Published by Pearson (April 27th 2010) - Copyright © 2011