Site Planning: Environmental Process and Development, 1st edition

  • R Gene Brooks

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  • examines natural site conditions, and explores the significance of the site's natural context and critical resources.
  • presents site planning as a method to integrate the natural environment, man-made improvements and land use controls into a methodology that permits rational, participating decision making.
  • provides extensive coverage of the grading and drainage process.
  • discusses the constraints of zoning on site planning.
  • presents a detailed outline on the concepts of zoning, landmark cases, the language of zoning and its principle application to site planning.

Table of contents

Site Planning In History.

Historical References. Environmental Ethics: Commandment or Condition? The American Value System in Change.

An Environmental Inventory and Assessment.

Mapping. The Method of Inventory. Geology and Soils, by Michael Ostdick. Vegetation, by Michael Ostdick. Hydrology. Climate and Site, by George Truett James.

The Site In Change.

Earthworks: Shaping the Site. Grading. Retaining Walls. Topography and Surveys. Storm Water Management and Erosion Control.

Streetscape And Site Improvements.

Streets and Roads. Parking. Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation. The Building and Energy. Land Use Controls. The Site Planning Process.


Published by Pearson (October 1st 1987) - Copyright © 1988