Smart Retail: Winning ideas and strategies from the most successful retailers in the world, 4th edition

  • Richard Hammond

Smart Retail

ISBN-13:  9781292082202

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Smart Retail reveals what the most successful retailers in the world know and how you can apply their secrets to your own business. Fully revised and updated, this new edition includes the latest success stories, new ideas and strategic and tactical thinking to help grow your sales.


Based on one simple question, which Richard Hammond posed to the world’s leading retailers: ‘What makes you so good?’, Smart Retail shows you how to use some of the best winning ideas, strategies and tactical thinking.

  • Discover the secrets of great retailing  
  • Boost sales with practical advice from the best retailers in the world
  • Learn how to delight customers and keep them coming back for more

Covering everything from creating the ultimate retail experience to understanding your customer and the importance of a motivated team, this is the book that will equip managers, ambitious team-workers, retail entrepreneurs and indeed anybody who sells direct to customers, with practical winning ideas and strategies.


‘The heart of every retail success is the delivery of a great customer experience. In mapping out how to do that, this book is worth its weight in gold’ Ian Shepherd, Chief Commercial Officer, Odeon & UCI

'I highly recommend Smart Retail as part of any retailer's essential toolkit.' Rowan Gormley, CEO Majestic Wine PLC
'A really practical and helpful guide, essential reading for anyone involved in retailing.' Charles Dunstone, Founder and Chairman - The Carphone Warehouse

‘The heart of every retail success is the delivery of a great customer experience. In mapping out how to do that, this book is worth its weight in gold.’ Ian Shepherd, Chief Commercial Officer, Odeon & UCI


'Clear thinking with practical retail insight to get to innovative yet pragmatic ideas.' Alex Windle – Marketing Director BP


'A toolkit of retailing skills to take you beyond survival, to super-performance.' Angus Thirlwell, Founder - Hotel Chocolat


'Congratulations on pulling together such a comprehensive list of essential learnings.' Cliff Burrows, Group President USA & Americas – Starbucks


'This book is full of practical good things to make running stores that bit easier to get right.' Julian Richer, Chairman and Founder - Richer Sounds


'A wonderful insight into the world of retailing. A fun and inspiring read.' Vittorio Radice, Saviour of Selfridges


Table of contents

Introduction – it’s all change in retail and yet…


You the Retailer – why and how to make a great retail life


i. What do you want for yourself?

ii. Rising above the crowd

iii. Rolling those snowballs



The Secrets – the Five Fundamentals of the Greatest Retail Successes

1. The Big Idea: what are you even here for?

2. Simplicity: your job is to make it easy for people to spend money

3. Inspiration: make me want it

4. Location Agnosticism: putting the store everywhere and anywhere it’s relevant

5. Mind States: targeted purchase or retail therapy?


The Team – how happy teams make everything better


6. How to build great teams

7. How to get people out of bed

8. All we need is a little better every time



The Customer – surprise, delight and count the cash


9 We love shopping here!

10 Price and value

11 Promote or die

12 Marketing for real people



The Store – easy to shop and inspirational to be in or at


13 Discovery

14 The great big theatre of shop

15 Detail, detail, detail - the store environment

16 And we got here


Epilogue - and we're done?

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