Social Psychology, 8th edition

  • Michael Hogg
  • Graham Vaughan

Social Psychology

ISBN-13:  9781292090450


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The eighth edition of this lively introduction places social psychology in a contemporary, real-world context and explores new, cutting-edge research as well as bringing classic theories to life. Thoroughly revised to enhance accessibility, and updated to include over 250 new references, this trusted, market-leading, cutting edged textbook remains as comprehensive as ever. 


Key features:

· In-depth scientific coverage of social psychological theory and research

· Combines UK, European and North American perspectives effectively to provide coverage with a unique global take

· Updated and expanded coverage of morality, affect and emotion, rumour and gossip, trust and leadership, social media-based communication, multiculturalism, radicalization, deviance, and sexual minorities

· Thoroughly revised and rewritten chapters and sections on aggression, prosocial behaviour, close relationships, and attitude-behaviour relations particularly in the context of health



Social Psychology 8th edition includes a range of pedagogically developed features to aid independent study:

· Research Classic and Research highlight sections focus on either seminal or contemporary areas of research to help you to refine your understanding of these key areas.

· Your Life sections explore everyday social psychological and encourage you to apply the ideas within your own life.

· Our World boxes consider examples of social psychology or social issues within the wider world to help you gain a deeper and applied understanding of concepts and issues.

· A range of photos, reflective questions and the film/literature and TV section in each chapter further help to bring alive this fascinating subject for everyone.


Table of contents

1   Introducing social psychology   

2   Social cognition and social thinking  

3   Attribution and social explanation

4   Self and identity  

5   Attitudes   

6  Persuasion and attitude change

7  Social influence

8  People in groups

9  Leadership and group decision-making

10  Prejudice and discrimination

11  Intergroup behaviour

12  Aggression

13  Prosocial behaviour

14  Attraction and close relationships

15  Language and communication

16  Culture

Published by Pearson (November 1st 2017) - Copyright © 2018