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Social Studies Content for Elementary and Middle School Teachers, 2nd edition

  • Penelope J. Fritzer
  • Ernest Andrew Brewer

Published by Pearson (February 13th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

2nd edition

Social Studies Content for Elementary and Middle School Teachers

ISBN-13: 9780137011254

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Are you feeling a little rusty with your social studies content knowledge? This brief primer, Social Studies Content for Elementary and Middle School Teachers, Second Edition, is just what you need. It provides a helpful overview of both U.S. and world history, in addition to basic knowledge in geography, economics, and civics.

The wide history coverage will allow you to see historical events in overall context, provides an overview for planning, and will help you answer student questions confidently. Geography, economics, and civics concepts are clearly explained, so the book will be helpful when used in writing lesson plans. Check out the resources lists that include relevant Websites, student literature, . major subject area organizations, museums, and U.S. government sites. Finally, an extensive index allows you to look up subjects and answers at a glance.

Table of contents

Preface: A World to the Reader

1. Why Study Social Studies?

2. History

            Early Humans


                        The Greeks

                        The Romans

                        The Middle Ages

                        The Renaissance and the Reformation

                        The Enlightenment Period

                        The Age of Revolution and the Industrial Revolution


                        The Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Middle East





                        Western Africa

                        Eastern Africa

                        Outside Influences

            The Americas

                        Native Americans

                        European Exploration

                        Colonial Life

                        Revolutionary War

                        The 1800s

            The Twentieth and Early Twenty-first Centuries Around the World

                        World War I

                        World Between the Wars

                        World War II

                        Cold War

                        Cultural Change

3. Geography

            Basic Ideas

            Water and Land

            Reading Maps

            The Physical Movement of the Earth and Its Effects




                        North America

                        South America




            Geography Resources

4. Economics

            The Basic Premises

            The History of Economics

            Consumer Choices Related to Needs and Wants

            Entrepreneurs and Ware-Earners

            Supply and Demand

            Economics Resources

5. Government

            The Purpose of Government

            Values of American Democracy

            Constitutional Governments

            The U.S. Constitution

            State and Local Government in the United States

            The United States in the World

            Government Resources

A Final Word

General Resources for the Teacher


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