Software Testing: A guide to the TMap Approach, 1st edition

  • Ruud Teunissen
  • Martin Pol
  • Erik Van Veenendaal

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    This book will:
    • Introduce you to the method and take you through it step-by-step
    • Enable you to address and deal with organizational issues, including functions within a team, training, consulting and administration of the process
    • Cover practical infrastructure issues, like the option of using an automation tool to aid the test process
    • Outline the different development situations in which TMap has been used, for example, client server, GUI, Object-Oriented, ERP and web-enabled scenarios, and give tips on what problems to look out for in each one

    Table of contents

    Part 1 General
    1. Introduction
    2. Framework for testing
    3. Context of testing
    4. Structured testing
    5. TMap in a nutshell
    Part 2 LifeCycle
    6. Introduction to Lifecycles
    7. Master test planning
    8. LifeCycle of black-box testing
    9. LifeCycle of white-box testing
    Part 3 Techniques
    10. Introduction of techniques
    11. Developing a test strategy
    12. Test point analysis and estimation
    13. Detailed review of the test basis
    14. Inspections
    15. Test specification techniques
    16. Checklists for quality characteristics
    17. Other checklists
    Part 4 Organization
    18. Introduction to organization
    19. Test functions and tasks
    20. Personnel and training
    21. Organizational structure
    22. Test administration
    23. Metrics
    24. Structuring: the introduction of TMap
    25. The Test Process Improvement Model
    Part 5 Infrastructure
    26. Test environment
    27. Test tools
    28. Office equipment
    Part 6 Variations
    29. Variations on the theme
    Appendix A: model of a test plan
    Appendix B: relation to other quality models

    Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (November 20th 2001) - Copyright © 2002