Soul of Cinema, The: An Appreciation of Film Music, 1st edition

  • Larry M. Timm

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The Soul of Cinema is the first film music appreciation textbook ever written. This text explains the various functions of music in film and clearly describes the roles of producers, directors, and practically everyone else in cinema, and shows how they each relate to the composer and the musical score for a given film. The Soul of Cinema traces the evolution of film music from 1895 to the present, covering many of the representative film scores, film composers, and styles and trends along the journey. Some features include:

  • each major composer is highlighted with a biography, a photo, a listing of the individual's recognizable compositional style, and other pertinent information
  • interviews with film composers, music editors, orchestrators, film music agents, studio musicians, music copyists, music contractors, and others within the business
  • an extensive section on women film composers and contractors
  • rare Bernard Herrmann facsimiles of some of his greatest works

Table of contents

 1. Functions of Film Scoring.

 2. The Operational Aspects of the Industry.

 3. In the Beginning: Music for Silent Films.

 4. Music in the Early Sound Film (Late 1920s to 1933).

 5. The Rise of the Symphonic Film Score (the 1930s).

 6. The Golden Age of Film Music (the 1940s and 1950s).

 7. The Golden Age of Film Music Continues.

 8. The Age of Versatility (the 1960s through the 1990s).

 9. The Age of Versatility Continues (the 1970s, from Patton to Star Wars).

10. New Faces Enter the Ranks (the 1980s, from Altered States to Batman).

11. Sailing into the Twenty-first Century (the 1990s, from Jurassic Park to Titanic and Beyond).

Published by Pearson (July 25th 2002) - Copyright © 2003