Speed!: Understanding and Installing Home Networks, 1st edition

  • Michael Wolf

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This book is more than a guide. It is a valuable reference that is written in plain, non-technical language so readers can put the information to use straightaway. There are descriptions of the latest technologies, protocols, services, and software packages. The reader will unearth methods on how to create an economical and secure network for their families as well as their home-based business.

The author teaches how to pick the right networking solution; finding free and low-cost connection software; ensuring network security, as well as how to save money by sharing an Internet connection among multiple PCs.

And most importantly, the homeowner will discover how to plan for their network's future extensibility. All of this while learning how to use the home network to work, communicate, and play in new ways.

Table of contents



1. It's a Networked World.

Network? What's a Network? So You Want a Home Network. Wrap It Up.

2. Home Network Building Blocks: What Makes Your Network Tick.

Make a Choice: Do I Move to the Hills or Learn About Home Networks? What Makes Up a Home Network? What About Other Home Network Building Blocks? Wrap It Up.

3. Network Relationships: Network Types and Topologies.

Network Basics: How the Building Blocks Come Together. Network Control: Peer-to-Peer Networks Versus Client/Server. Network Topologies: How Your Home Network Comes Together. Wrap It Up.

4. Your Home Network Planning Guide.

The Four Pillars of Home Network Planning. Planning Pillar One: Your Home. Planning Pillar Two: Your Budget. Planning Pillar Three: Your Network Activities. Planning Pillar Four: Your Technical Know-How. Time to Plan the Pillars. Are You Ready? Wrap It Up.


5. Home Network Equipment: Choices, Choices, Choices.

Let's Get Started! What Are My Choices? What About the Internet? Internet Sharing Hardware. Where to Get Home Network Equipment. Wrap It Up.

6. Understanding and Installing an Ethernet Network.

An Ethernet Primer. Choosing from Among the Different Flavors of Ethernet. Installing the Network Interface Card. Putting It All Together: Hub and Cable Placement. Wrap It Up.

7. The Wonderful World of Wireless Networking.

Introduction to Wireless LANs. Important Differences Between Wireless and Wired LANs. Installing a Wireless LAN. Wrap It Up.

8. Other Networking Technologies: Phoneline, Powerline, and Structured Wiring Ethernet.

Man (or Woman) Can't Live off Ethernet and Wireless Alone. Phoneline Networking: How to Use Those Phone Wires for More Than Just Talking. Setting Up a Phoneline Network. Power to the People: Networking over In-Home Electrical Wiring. Structured Wiring Solutions. Wrap It Up.


9. Setting Up Home Network Software.

No More "Hard" Parts. Using an Installation Wizard to Configure a Home Network. Network Software Components. Wrap It Up.

10. Getting Around the Home Network.

Preparing for a Network Stroll. Giving Your PC a Name. TCP/IP: Internet Protocol and Your Home Network. Let's Explore the Neighborhood. Creating a Shortcut to Your Network. Wrap It Up.

11. Sharing Files and Printers on a Home Network.

Sharing the Good Things in Life. File Sharing in Windows. Printing on a Home Network. Network Printer Troubleshooting. Wrap It Up.

12. Networking with Macs.

Macs: The Apple of Your Network Eye? Mac Hardware ABCs. Mac Networking ABCs. Setting Up a Basic Mac-to-Mac Network. Configuring Your Mac Network. Connecting Mac and PC Home Networks. Wrap It Up.


13. Getting Online the High-Speed Way.

What Is Broadband? Choosing Between Broadband Services. Broadband and Your Home Network. Wrap It Up.

14. Internet Sharing on a Home Network.

Internet Sharing: Hard or Soft? Using Internet Sharing Hardware. Using Internet Connection Sharing Software. Wrap It Up.


15. Home Networks and Entertainment: Audio, Video, and Gaming.

Time to Have Fun. Home Networked Audio. Home Networked Video. Gaming on a Home Network. Wrap It Up.

16. Using Non-PC Devices on the Home Network.

It's Not Just PCs Anymore. Network Storage Devices: Your Network Filing Cabinet. Internet Appliances: The Internet Moves Out of the PC. PDAs: The Handheld Gets Connected. Wrap It Up.

17. Communicating on Your Home Network.

Time to Communicate. Messaging on a Home Network. Voice Communications on a Home Network. Voice Communication over the Internet. Wrap It Up.


18. Home Network Security Overview.

It Can Happen to You! Meet Homer: Three Lessons in Broadband Security. Internet Security Threats on a Home Network. Wrap It Up.

19. Home Network Security Planner.

It's Easier Than You Think. Choosing and Setting Up a Firewall on a Home Network. Virus Protection for Your Home Network. Content Protection. Privacy Protection. Other Ways to Keep Your Home Network Secure. Wrap It Up.

20. Help Wanted: Home Network Manager.

Hey, Someone's Gotta Do It. First Things First: Get Organized. Preventive Home Network Maintenance. Being the Network Guru. Online Home Network Resources. Wrap It Up.


21. Smart Home: Home Automation Networks.

So You Wanna Be George Jetson? Home Automation History: It All Started with X-10. How X-10 Works. Other Home Automation Technologies. Getting Started with Home Automation. Wrap It Up.

22. The Coming Digital Domicile.

Move Over, George Jetson. The Next 10 Years. Technologies to Watch. Above All, Enjoy Yourself.


Appendix A. Table of Internet Resources on Home Networking.

Appendix B. Table of Internet Resources on Home Automation.


Published by Sams Publishing (October 18th 2001) - Copyright © 2002