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Spinal Cord Injury: Functional Rehabilitation, 3rd edition

  • Martha Freeman Somers

Published by Pearson (September 15th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

3rd edition

Spinal Cord Injury: Functional Rehabilitation

ISBN-13: 9780131598669

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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Compltely updated in a new edition, this unique reference is an in-depth examination of the central role of the physical therapist in rehabilitation following spinal cord injury. This book encompasses all of the elements involved in a successful rehabilitation program. It includes a basic understanding of spinal cord injuries and issues relevant to disability, as well as knowledge of the physical skills involved in functional activities and the therapeutic strategies for acquiring these skills. It also presents an approach to the cord-injured person that promotes self-respect and encourages autonomy. Comprehensive information equips readers with a broad foundation of knowledge including topics relevant to spinal cord injury, its pathological repercussions, and medical and rehabilitative management in preparation for program planning, patient and family education, and effective participation as a member of a rehabilitation team. MARKET: An excellent reference for physical therapists.

Table of contents

>Chapter 1



Chapter 2

SPINAL CORD INJURies                                                                                                   


Chapter 3

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL MANAGEMENT                                                                 


Chapter 4

PSYCHOSOCIAL ISSUES                                                                                                     


Chapter 5

SKIN CARE                                                                                                                            


Chapter 6

RESPIRATORY MANAGEMENT                               

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