Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Canadian Perspective, 3rd edition

  • Peter R. Crocker

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Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Canadian Perspective, Third Edition, is written specifically for a Canadian introductory undergraduate course in sport and exercise psychology. The book presents an overview of sport and exercise psychology and provides a solid foundation in core concepts required for upper-level undergraduate courses. The organization of the book allows instructors to focus on specific areas of sport and exercise psychology to meet specific academic course requirements.

Table of contents

Chapter 1     Introducing Sport and Exercise Psychology

Peter R. E. Crocker, David Scott, and Melanie Gregg   

Chapter 2      Personality in Sport and Exercise

Peter R. E. Crocker, Whitney A. Sedgwick, and Ryan E. Rhodes 

Chapter 3     Motivation and Behavioural Change

Diane E. Mack, Catherine M. Sabiston, Meghan H. McDonough, Philip M. Wilson, and David M. Paskevich   

Chapter 4     Stress, Emotion, and Coping in Sport and Exercise

Katherine A. Tamminen, Kent C. Kowalski and Patrick Gaudreau   

Chapter 5     Anxiety in Sport and Exercise

Sharleen D. Hoar and Kimberley L. Gammage   

Chapter 6     Aggression and Moral Behaviour in Sport

Todd M. Loughead and Kim D. Dorsch   

Chapter 7     Sport Psychology Interventions

Krista Munroe-Chandler and Craig Hall 

Chapter 8     Leadership in Sport and Exercise (New)

Mark R. Beauchamp and Mark A. Eys

Chapter 9     Group Cohesion in Sport and Exercise

Kevin S. Spink   

Chapter 10   Youth Involvement and Positive Development in Sport

Jean Côté and Jessica Fraser-Thomas   

Chapter 11   Coaching Psychology

Gordon A. Bloom   

Chapter 12   Aging and Involvement in Sport and Physical Activity

Joseph Baker and Sean Horton   

Chapter 13   Physical Activity and Mental Health

Guy E. Faulkner, Linda Trinh, and Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos

Chapter 14    Body Image in Sport and Exercise (New)

Catherine Sabiston

Chapter 15   Physical Activity Interventions

Kimberley A. Dawson, Jennifer Robertson-Wilson  

Published by Pearson Canada (March 16th 2015) - Copyright © 2016