Statics and Strength of Materials, 7th edition

  • Harold I. Morrow
  • Robert P. Kokernak

Statics and Strength of Materials

ISBN-13:  9780135034521

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STATICS AND STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, 7/e is fully updated text and presents logically organized, clear coverage of all major topics in statics and strength of materials, including the latest developments in materials technology and manufacturing/construction techniques. A basic knowledge of algebra and trigonometry are the only mathematical skills it requires, although several optional sections using calculus are provided for instructors teaching in ABET accredited programs. A new introductory section on catastrophic failures shows students why these topics are so important, and 25 full-page, real-life application sidebars demonstrate the relevance of theory. To simplify understanding and promote student interest, the book is profusely illustrated.

Table of contents

  • 1. Basic Concepts
  • 2. Resultant of Concurrent Forces in a Plane
  • 3. Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces in a Plane
  • 4. Resultant of Nonconcurrent Forces in a Plane
  • 5. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
  • 6. Force Analysis of Structures and Machines
  • 7. Forces in Space
  • 8. Friction
  • 9. Center of Gravity, Centroids, and Moments of Inertia of Areas
  • 10. Internal Reactions; Stress for Axial Loads
  • 11. Strain for Axial Loads: Hooke’s Law
  • 12. Shear Stresses and Strains; Torsion
  • 13. Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Beams
  • 14. Bending and Shearing Stresses in Beams
  • 15. Deflection of Beams Due to Bending
  • 16. Combined Stresses and Mohr’s Circle
  • 17. Columns
  • 18. Bolted, Riveted, and Welded Structural Connections

Published by Pearson (January 11th 2010) - Copyright © 2011