Statistics For The Biosciences, 1st edition

  • Alan Gardiner
  • Alan Gardiner

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Statistical techniques for the presentation and analysis of biological data are indispensable tools for the biologist. The purpose of this book is to develop students' appreciation and understanding of statistical usage with the Biosciences and to equip them with the ability to apply statistical methods and the reasoning as an integral aspect of analysis and interpretation of experimental data.

Emphasis is placed on where these techniques fit into the overall interpretational objectives of data analysis. Rather than concentrating on the mathematical aspects of the techniques described, this book provides the reader with practical illustrations of data handling.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Statistical Principles in the Biosciences.2. Data Analysis Principles for Analysing Biological Data.3. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing for Simple Biological Experiments.4. Non-Parametric Methods for Simple Biological Experiments.5. One Factor Design Structures for Biological Experiments.6. Factorial Design Structures for Biological Experimentation.7. Regression Modelling Methods in the Biosciences.8. Applications of Linear Regression Specific to Laboratory Experimentation.9. Introduction to the Application of Multivariate Methods in the Biosciences.Appendix A: Statistical Formulae.Appendix B: Statistical Tables.References.Answers to Selected Problems.

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