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Stats: Modeling the World (AP Edition), 3rd edition

  • David E. Bock
  • Paul F. Velleman
  • Richard D. De Veaux

Published by Addison-Wesley (January 22nd 2009) - Copyright © 2010

3rd edition

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Statistics Study Card for the DeVeaux/Velleman/Bock Series

ISBN-13: 9780321463708

Includes: Paperback
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The Statistics Study Card for the De Veaux/Velleman/Bock Series contains the essential definitions, formulas, and concepts covered in the course, reinforces important concepts, and provides an outline of important tables and procedures. Students can use their Study Card throughout the semester to aid in remembering previously-covered information as well as to help with current and future topics. With a Study Card, students always have the information they need, whether doing exercises, studying for tests, or relating concepts from chapter to chapter, right at their fingertips.

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