STL (Primer), The, 1st edition

  • Graham Glass
  • Brett Schuchert

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The Standard Template Library (STL) was accepted in July 1994 as the ANSI standard for template containers and algorithms. Unlike other data structure libraries, STL represents a shift in the way that object- oriented software is designed and implemented. STL challenges traditional design wisdom, and will change the way that you create object-oriented software. KEY TOPICS: Presents STL in a fashion that is natural and easy to follow, using a mixture of examples and discussion. Contains a complete class and algorithmic catalog that will prove invaluable when creating STL programs of your own. Also includes many useful tips and shortcuts that can save you development time. And includes a list of the commercial STL implementations with FTP sites. MARKET: Anyone interested in programming in C++.

Published by Pearson (December 15th 1995) - Copyright © 1996