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Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management, 1st edition

  • Melvin R. Weber
  • Dori Finley Dennison

Published by Pearson (January 23rd 2014) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management

ISBN-13: 9780135087053

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The first human resources text tailored to the hospitality industry.


Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management, 1e is a groundbreaking new textbook exploring human resource management in the unique environment of the hospitality industry. Weber and Dennison provide a solid grounding in human resource functions and examine the skills hospitality managers require to implement an effective human resources program. Chapters illustrate how human resource decisions are key to successful hospitality operations and help future managers form effective human resource strategies. Introductory chapters provide context and background information in the human resources field while subsequent chapters develop specific skills and strategies that can be directly applied in hospitality management.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. It provides:

  • Strategies for successful management: Chapters take a strategic approach to human resources management.
  • Practice and review tools: Every chapter includes questions and exercises to help students check their learning and truly master chapter topics.
  • Effective resources for further learning: Extensive references and resources encourage further exploration of chapter topics.

Table of contents

Part 1—The Need for Strategic Human Resource Management

Chapter 1 Introduction to Strategic Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry


Part 2—Traditional Hospitality Human Resource Functions

Chapter 2 Laws Affecting Selection in Hospitality Organizations

Chapter 3 Laws Affecting Hospitality Workplaces

Chapter 4 Planning for Staffing

Chapter 5 Selecting Employees

Chapter 6 Training and Development Systems

Chapter 7 Performance Management Systems

Chapter 8 Reward and Compensation Systems


Part 3—Skills Needed to Be a Strategic Partner

Chapter 9 Individual Skills

Chapter 10 Interpersonal Skills

Chapter 11 Organizational Skills

Chapter 12 Continuous Renewal

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