Strategy and the Business Landscape, 3rd edition

  • Pankaj E. Ghemawat

Strategy and the Business Landscape

ISBN-13:  9780136015550

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KEY BENEFIT: Strategy and the Business Landscape is based on contemporary research in the field of strategy and adopts a value-focused, firm-centered perspective that promotes an analytical approach to strategy.
KEY TOPICS: Origins of strategy, mapping the business landscape, creating competitive advantage, anticipating competitive dynamics, sustaining superior performance, and choosing a corporate scope.
MARKET: This text is designed to help managers and business professionals master a body of analytical tools and develop an integrative point of view when making strategic choices.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Origins of Strategy
Chapter 2. Mapping the Business Landscape
Chapter 3. Creating Competitive Advantage
Chapter 4. Anticipating Competitive Dynamics
Chapter 5. Sustaining Superior Performance
Chapter 6. Choosing Corporate Scope
Chapter 7. Developing a Global Strategy

Published by Pearson (July 2nd 2009) - Copyright © 2010