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Structural Mechanics: Loads, Analysis, Materials and Design of Structural Elements, 7th edition

  • Frank Durka
  • Hassan Al Nageim
  • W Morgan
  • D Williams

Published by Pearson Canada (June 10th 2010) - Copyright © 2010

7th edition

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Structural Mechanics, first published in 1958, has become established as a classic text on the theory of structures and design methods of structural members. The book clearly and logically presents the subject's basic principles, keeping the mathematical content to its essential minimum.

The seventh edition has been revised to provide up-to-date design guidance, principles in line with the current British Standards and Eurocodes.  The original simplicity of the mathematical treatment has been maintained, while more emphasis on the relevance of structural mechanics to the process of structural design, analysis, materials, loads on building and structures according to the current British Standard and European Code of Practice.

The initial chapters of the book deal with the concept of loads and their effects on structural materials and elements in terms of stress and strain. The significance of the shape of the cross-section of structural elements is then considered before the book finishes with the design of simple structural elements such as beams, columns, rafters, portal frames, dome frames and gravity retaining walls.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Loads on buildings and structures

3. Concurrent coplanar forces

4. Non-concurrent coplanar forces

5. Moments of forces

6. Framed structures

7. Construction materials

8. Shear force and bending moment

9. Properties of sections

10. Introduction to structural stability, durability and environmental conditions

11. Simple beam design to BS 5950, BS 5268, EC3 and EC5

12. Beams of two materials

13. Deflection of beams

14. Axially loaded columns

15. Connections to BS 5950 and EC3

16. Addition of direct and bending stresses

17. Portal frames and arches

18. Gravity retaining walls

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