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Supervisor's Survival Kit, 11th edition

  • Cliff Goodwin
  • Daniel B. Griffith
Supervisor's Survival Kit

ISBN-13: 9780132396981

Includes: Paperback

11th edition

Published by Pearson (October 6th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

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  • Paperback

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Continuing the Elwood Chapman tradition, author Cliff Goodwin brings you The Supervisor’s Survival Kit, the11h Edition. Updated throughout, this new edition focuses on the essential techniques and skills needed to be an effective supervisor. It offers a unique approach—fostering supervisory skills through the use of role plays, case studies, games and exercises—and will help readers gain confidence in their leadership and supervisory roles. This book discusses how to make the transition to management, achieve productivity through people, build an effective team, and conduct essential supervisory tasks such as staffing, delegating, motivating and appraising employees. New to this edition are more self-assessment exercises as well as brand new activities at the end of each chapter.

Table of contents

Table of Contents


Getting into Supervision

1.      Should You Be a Supervisor?

2.      Making the Transition

3.      The Supervisor’s Role and Responsibility in the Modern Organization


Human Relations and Communications: The Key to Successful Supervision

4.      Achieving Productivity Through People

5.      The Supervisor-Employee Relationship

6.      Creating a Productive Working Climate

7.      Quality Control and Continuous Improvement

8.      The Effective Work Team

9.      Communicating Privately

10. The Problem Employee

11. Staffing

12. Delegation

13. Use Your Knowledge Power

14. Managing Performance


Managing Yourself

15. Learning How to Concentrate and Manage Your Time

16. Establishing Goals and Planning

17. Setting Priorities

18. Make Decisive Decisions


Where Do I Go From Here?

19. Common Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

20. Converting Change into Opportunity

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