Talking Business: Strategies for Successful Presentations, 1st edition

  • Ava Cross

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Designed for courses in Business Communication and Public Speaking.

This text focuses on both “special-occasion” business speaking and presentations as well as routine, day-to-day oral communication activities. Its overall purpose is to give useful advice on effective oral communication in the workplace and to help students and business people develop confidence. Traditional public speaking texts tend to focus heavily on rhetorical theory rather than the actual process of oral communication. This text keeps theory to a minimum, emphasizing instead the “business of speaking.”

Table of contents

Each chapter ends with a Summary and Applications questions.

1. Business Speaking Skills: The Basis of Success.

What the Market Wants. What Research Shows. The Modern World of Work. Business Speaking and Public Speaking. Professionalism and the Business Speaker. The Benefits of Effective Business Speaking.

2. Preparing to Speak: Purpose, Audience, and Time.

Organizing Yourself. Know Your Audience. Formulating Your Objective. Managing Time.

3. Making It Accessible: Openings, Closings, and In-Between.

The Opening. The Closing. The Speech Body. Language and Style. Pulling Together.

4. Establishing Rapport: Platform Manner, Vocal Delivery, and Note Management.

Developing Effective Platform Manner. Improving Vocal Delivery. Managing Notes Sensibly.

5. Presentations I: Reporting and Training.

Oral Reporting. Training.

6. Presentations II: The Strategies of Persuasion.

Preparing to Persuade. Building Up Persuasion. Three Types of Persuasive Business Speaking.

7. Visual Support: Planning, Preparing, and Presenting.

The Need for Visual Support. Planning Your Visuals. Types of Visual Aids. Presentation Media.

8. Groupwork: Meetings and Telemeetings.

The Team Culture and the Canadian Workplace. Meetings: A Primer. Telemeetings.

9. Interpersonal Communication on the Job: Listening,

Interviewing, and Dealing with Disagreement. Listening. Informational Interviewing. Dealing with Disagreement.

10. Employment Interviewing: Expectations and Performance.

Pre-interview Planning. Interview Formats. Interview Behaviour. Interview Questions.

11. Ceremonial Speaking: Mixing Business and Pleasure.

Some Basic Rules for Ceremonial Business Speaking. Types of Ceremonial Business Speeches.

Published by Pearson Canada (August 6th 1999) - Copyright © 2000