Teacher's Guide to Communicating with Parents, A: Practical Strategies for Developing Successful Relationships, 1st edition

  • Tina Taylor
  • Nari J. Carter
  • Mary Anne T Prater

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Communicating with Parents: A Guide to Effective Practice is an essential guidebook for the K-12 education professional.  This book takes an in-depth look at communicating with families of students in elementary and secondary schools and is founded on the most current research and practice. Divided into five main sections, this guide presents evidence-based content and strategies related to: Developing Caring Relationships in Schools, Communicating with Families for Student Success, Communicating with Families throughout the School Year, Communicating with Families in Meetings, and Addressing Difficult Topics with Families. Additionally, a broad-based school population is covered with pertinent information for working with families of: general education students, students with disabilities, culturally/linguistically diverse students, students from low socioeconomic status, and students with unique gifts and talents. The evidence-based material is enhanced and illustrated with examples, graphics, and professional reproducible materials, and on every page, educators will be given the most research-based content, sound examples, practical applications, and ready-to-use resources. An indispensible guide for all K-12 general education teachers, special educators, related services personnel, and administrators for both pre-service and in-service training.  

Table of contents

Chapter 1 — Developing Caring Relationships in Schools


Developing Caring Relationships with Your Students

            Showing Interest in Each Student            
                Developing Caring Relationships with Special Populations

Developing Caring Relationships with Your Students’ Families

            Understanding Your Students’ Family Backgrounds

                Understanding the Strengths of Your Students’ Families

                Understanding the Concerns of Your Students’ Families Summary


Chapter 2 — Skills for Communicating with Families

Communication Skills

            Skills for Face-to-Face Communications

            Skills for Written Communications

Considerations for Communicating with Diverse Types of Families

            Considerations for Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Families

            Considerations for Socioeconomically Diverse Families

            Considerations for Families Raising Children with Different Abilities




Chapter 3 — Communicating with Families Throughout the School Year

Phone Communications

            Purposes of Phone Communications

            Advantages and Limitations

            General Guidelines

            What to Say in Phone Calls

            How to Communicate During Phone Calls

Written Communications

            Purposes of Written Communications

            Advantages and Limitations

            General Guidelines

            What to Include in Written Communications

            How to Create Written Communications

Electronic Communications

            Purposes of Electronic Communications

            Advantages and Limitations

            General Guidelines

            What to Include in Electronic Communications

            How to Create Electronic Communications

Types of Written Communications

            Disclosure Documents

            Curriculum Plans



            School-Home Notes

            Progress Reports and Report Cards

            Legal Documents




Chapter 4 — Communicating with Families in Meetings

Formal Meetings                                                                     

            Classroom Events (Back-to School Nights and Open Houses)

            Teacher-Led Parent—Teacher Conferences

            Student-Led Conferences

            Individualized Education Program Meetings

            Parent—Teacher Organization Meetings

Informal Meetings

            School Visits (Hallway and Classroom Chats)

            Home Visits

            Parent Volunteers in Classrooms



Chapter 5 — Addressing Difficult Topics with Families


Academic Issues

            What Are Academic Difficulties?

            Support at School

            Communicating with Parents 

Social/Behavioral Issues

            What Are Social/Behavioral Problems?

            Support at School

            Communicating with Parents

Child Abuse/Neglect

            What Is Child Abuse and Neglect?

            Reporting Abuse and Neglect

            Support at School

            Communicating with Parents


            What Is Bullying? 

            Support at School

            Communicating with Parents

School Crises/Emergencies

            What Are School Crises/Emergencies?

            Crisis Response and Communication Plans

            Communicating with Parents



Appendix — Templates and Reproducibles


Published by Pearson (February 3rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012