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  4. Teaching Citizenship Education: A Radical Approach

Teaching Citizenship Education: A Radical Approach, 1st edition

  • Ralph Leighton
Teaching Citizenship Education: A Radical Approach

ISBN-13:  9781441104694


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Citizenship education was introduced into the curriculum as the subject to bring about a change in the political culture of a nation. However, without taking a radical approach to the teaching of this subject, its core values are likely to be lost.
Teaching Citizenship Education introduces the central themes of citizenship education and evaluates the success of a number of delivery methods currently being used throughout the UK and internationally. Ralph Leighton adopts some of the insights and arguments provided by advocates of the radical and democratic approach to education to demonstrate that citizenship education can become a liberating and empowering force for change. He encourages readers to think about the nature of the subject and the experiences they are providing for their students, and provides a framework for how to go about creating something which really is more than just a subject. The companion website provides additional support for students and lecturers. This book is a 'must-have' for all those looking to teach citizenship education with confidence and imagination.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements \ Introduction \ 1. Teaching Citizenship \ 2. School Ethos \ 3. Identity \ 4. Diversity \ 5. Pupil Voice(s) \ 6. Political Engagement \ 7. Active Citizenship \ 8. Social Order \ 9. Political Knowledge \ 10. What Next? \ Glossary \ Bibliography \ Index

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Published by Continuum (January 19th 2012) - Copyright © 2012