Teaching for Diversity in Canadian Schools, 2nd edition

  • Benedicta Egbo

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The primary market for this text is in pre-service teaching courses, specifically those in Multicultural Education and Foundations of Teaching.


The author of this new text, Benedicta Egbo, has taken great care to maintain a critical balance between theory and practice.  Consequently, the book provides teachers a substantive repertoire of practical examples, strategies and vignettes in accessible language, to facilitate the process of teaching for diversity and equity.

Table of contents

1.Education and Diversity: Framing the Issues

2.Policy, Social and Global Trends Affecting Canadian Diversity and Education

3.Socio-demographic Factors, Diversity and Schooling

4.Language Diversity and Schooling

5.Transformative Frameworks for Promoting Diversity

6.Initiating Praxis: Knowing Self, Students, and Communities

7.Beyond Differences: Building Bridges and Creating a Community of Learners

8.Policy and Training Issues

9.Moving Forward: Re-envisioning Education and Diversity

Published by Pearson Canada (January 1st 2018) - Copyright © 2018